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Public talk from Dr. Hudec | Prednáška pre verejnosť, Dr. Hudec : Vesmír jak jej nevidíme 16.4.|16:30
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 7th INTEGRAL/BART Workshop 14 -18 April 2010

is open to our international collaborators. The working language will be hence English.

The workshop will focus on works performed at Group of High Energy Astrophysics in Ondrejov (and collaborating Institutes such as CTU, and students) and relevant international collaborations in the field of high-energy astrophysics with emphasis on satellite projects and ground-based experiments ie. ESA INTEGRAL, ISDC, robotic telescopes, RTS2, BOOTES, BART, D50, Watcher, ESA Gaia HEA allocated workpackages, ESA IXO (formerly XEUS), CubeSat and related science.The Progress Meetings of ESA INTEGRAL and ESA IXO (formerly XEUS)  projects  will be also part of the workshop.

Poster2 Poster2009nahlad

The IBWS Workshop 2010 is the 7th in the serie in succesfull and productive workshops, for the program, abstracts and talks of the previous one see:

integral   bart







BART robotic telescope (left) and INTEGRAL/ESA (right) are two (from many) important projects of HEA group in Ondrejov. These pictures ilustrate that you can make a great science also with a small computer controled telescope, but also make a great discoveries like INTEGRAL does. This is motivation for this worksop. Many scientists  use different devices, but for the same purpose, study of the universe. 


The International X-ray Observatory (IXO) – a joint effort of NASA, ESA, and JAXA– combines a large X-ray mirror with powerful new instrumentation that will explore the high energy Universe. Launch is planned for 2021. (from



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