05. 05. 2010
We uploaded new photos from mr. Hudec and mr. Nekola in the Photo Gallery section
09. 04. 2010
Public talk from Dr. Hudec | Prednáška pre verejnosť, Dr. Hudec : Vesmír jak jej nevidíme 16.4.|16:30
08. 04. 2010
You can now find Agenda of IBWS10 in section Program
19. 03. 2010
Registration deadline extended March 30
05. 02. 2010
Website ready


Important mobiles phones contacts:

  • Rene Hudec +420 731 502542
  • Matus Kocka +420 776 298 836

The accomodation is reserved at Hotel Prima, please indicate your choice and arrival/departure using the conference www. The price of the accomodation is 480 CZK per person and night in double room, breakfast buffet included.

Few participants will be accomodated in nearby Hotel Europension, prices are the same as for Hotel Prima.

The meeting place is Karlovy Vary Regional Library.

The workhop fee is 100 euro and covers lunches, dinners, coffee breaks, and social activities.

We may be able to cover expenses (and hotel) for those who cannot pay for the fee - please indicate at www and contact us.

From Prague airport to Karlovy Vary

There are lots of ways how get to Karlovy Vary, the fastest and most comfortable is using Student Agency Bus. You can find and buy ticket at web pages:

Firstly set direction from Ruzyne terminal 1 to Karlovy Vary and then select the date. If you have any questions about transport please feel free to ask.

Local transport & how to get to the hotel

Public transport in Karlovy Vary:
All lines map:

If you arrive by train to 'Karlovy Vary Horni nadrazi', take bus number 13 to the bus stop 'Trznice' and then change the bus to number 6. Your final stop is bus station called 'Svatosska' near hotel Prima.

If you arrive by bus to the Terminal, take bus number 6 to the 'Svatosska' stop.
The Regional Library is within the walking distance from the hotels Prima and Europension (approx. 15 minutes walk).

If you wish to arrive directly to the Regional library, take bus number 1 from the bus stop 'Trznice' mentioned above.

Bus ticket costs 25 CZK, it can be purchased in the bus.

If you arrive very early or very late, there could be difficulties with the public transportation. In this case contact us and we will try to fetch you on the bus terminal or the main station. Also if you have any problems involving transportation within Karlovy Vary, feel free to contact us. 

The taxi is available in Karlovy Vary, althought it is possible that the taxi driver would not understand english. 

Phone numbers for taxis are

+420 353 540 909

+420 602 853 012

+420 353 221 040


The cost of the ride to the hotels or Regional library should be approximately 200 - 250 CZK, usually it's better to ask the driver before the ride.


Information in Czech Language

Městská hromadná doprava Karlových Varech má všechny informace vč. jízdních řádů, koncentrovány na stránkách
Schéma všech linek je uvedeno na stránce
Centrální zastávkou je TRŽNICE, kde se dá přestupovat na všechny autobusy MHD.
Horní nádraží se nachází asi 10 minut pěšky od Tržnice, z něj se lze dostat nyní pouze linkou číslo 13. Ke Krajské knihovně je doprava možná linkou číslo 1 - od Tržnice směr Tašovice nebo linkou 10 směr Krajský úřad. Obě linky zastavují na stejnojmenné zastávce.
Hotel Prima v Doubí je pak linkován autobusem číslo 6, zastávka Svatošská je přímo u hotelu.
Hotel je vzdálen o Krajské knihovny cca 15 minut pěší chůzí, zde není potřeba.
kocka.mat[at] ; IBWS Karlovy Vary 2010