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Conditions and parameters for authors

Acta Polytechnica is the scientific journal of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Its mission is to publish the findings of researchers. We want it to be a high-quality, multi-disciplinary journal which presents basic theoretical and experimental research findings. The journal is distributed to Czech and foreign technical universities and other scientific workplaces. We invite all contributors to submit high-quality original papers.

Your article should be sent to the following address:

Iveta Poláčková



tel.: 233 051 131

tel./fax: 233 051 144

CTU in Prague

Acta Polytechnica

Thákurova 1

160 41 Praha 6

Czech Republic

The Editor will invite a referee to evaluate the paper, and the author will be informed about the result. The Editor will provide English language correction, normally in hard copy form, for papers accepted for publication, after which the paper will be returned to the author, who should send the article in corrected form back to the Editor within one week.

Each author will receive 1 copy of the issue of Acta Polytechnica in which his/her paper appears.


We accept only papers written in English language. The final version should be sent both electronically and in printed form (in A4 format) and must include:

Electronic version must include:

  • 1x article in MS Word 2003 (eventually in *.rtf), or in Latex

  • 1x article in .pdf

  • figures in *.wmf, *.eps file (or in another vector file),

  • or in *.jpg, *.tiff - 8 points letters in figures, min. 0.15 thickness of lines, or print them separately and clearly on a laser printer (300 dpi).

  • Figures, graphs or pictures must be added as a separated files

  • the title of the paper, the name(s) of author(s), keywords, a short resume in English language, the body of the text and the conclusion, notes may be included (not under the line), references,

  • the full name of author(s) with titles, education, address, phone, fax, e-mail.

  • do not divide words,

  • do not use "Enter" at the end of lines, use "Enter" only at the end of a paragraph,

  • mathematical symbols can be written by hand (clearly) - take into account that they will be transcribed by staff without technical education,

  • use square brackets and give them numbers from 1 to ...... for references in the text,

  • paragraphs, including the first line of the text, should not be indented,

  • Microsoft Word tables can be included in the text, for Microsoft Excel tables make a new file (*.xls),

  • indicate the place for pictures, tables (in *.xls) in the text.

If you want to use other text editors, please contact the DTP operator:

Ing. Irena Kreidlová, tel.: +420 2 3305 1146, kreidlo[at]


  • publications should be arranged according to text and quoted in the following form:

the number [1, 2, 3 ...], surname(s), the first initial of the first name(s), the title in the original language, the editor or journal, the year, the volume, the number of the page.

If the publication has more than three authors you can mention only the first one and then "et al". Use abbreviations of report titles only when a general international convention exists (if not, use the full title).

Examples of references:

A Paragraph in an expert Journal:

[1] Osvay, M., Ranogajec-Komor, M.: LET Dependence of High Sensitivity TL Dosimeters. Radiat. Prot. Dosim., 84 (4), 1999, p. 219-222.

(authors: the title of the paper, the journal, the volume, the year, the number of the journal of the same volume (in this case (4)) to be used only when the volume is not paged in the course of the issue (each journal of the volume has individual paging))

A Book Publication:

[2] Scharf, W.: Akceleratory biomedyczne. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN,1994.

(author: the title, the place of issue, the editor and the year)

A Chapter in a Magazine or in a Collective Publication:

[3] Conyers, L. B.: The Use of Ground-penetrating Radar in Archaeology. In: "Radiation in Art and Archeometry" (Editors: D. C. Creagh and D. A. Bradley). Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2000, p. 1-14.

(author: the title of the chapter, the name of the magazine, editors, the place of publication, the editor and the year, pages)

A Research Report:

[4] Kawade, K. et al: Measurement of Formation Cross Sections of Short-Lived Nuclei by 14 MeV Neutrons. Report JAERI-M 92-020. Tokai-mura: Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, 1992.

(author: the title of the report, the number of the report, the place of publication, the editor and the year)

For further information, please contact the editor:

Iveta Poláčková, e-mail: acta[at] , tel.: +420 2 33 051 131

We are looking forward to our future cooperation.

The Editor
kocka.mat[at] ; IBWS Karlovy Vary 2010