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8th INTEGRAL/BART Workshop 26 - 29 April 2011

is open to our international collaborators. The working language will be hence English. 

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Travel info 

If you arrive very early or very late, there could be difficulties with the public transportation. In this case contact us and we will try to fetch you on the bus terminal or the main station. Also if you have any problems involving transportation within Karlovy Vary, feel free to contact us, but not sooner than on Tuesday 2 p.m.
See map here #IBWS2011_map

Telephone numbers
Rene Hudec: +420 731 502542
Jana Polednikova: +420  604 274 971


 Originally, the IBWS workshops focused on projects by the Group of High Energy Astrophysics of the AI AS CR in Ondrejov and collaborators in the field of high-energy astrophysics i.e. satellite projects, related ground-based experiments and related research (with emphasis on students participation). Nowadays the IBWS workshops continue to promote regional collaboration in high-energy astrophysics with emphasis on interface between satellite projects and ground-based experiments (e.g. robotic telescopes).

Organized  under auspices of Prof. Vaclav Havlicek, Rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, by Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Technical University in Prague, Karlovy Vary Observatory and Dr Remeis Observatory Bamberg

The workshop attendance is limited to 70 participants hence we encourage early registration

 Workshop poster (for download in pdf click on the image below)

Poster IBWS 2011
kocka.mat[at]gmail.com ; IBWS Karlovy Vary 2011